"Lovers Meet" by Shirl A. Steward


Most Perfect Love


You were not the first,

But the last

Of all my lovers dear.

Had you been first at my door

There would have been no need for more.

My love for thee

Exceeds all else, no greater entity

I could seek to please,

My love will cast its light

For all eternity to see,

Its brightness is the highest peak

Of the soul inside of me.

You give to me peaceful being

During all our quiet times.


Without you love did not seem real,

I could not feel in touch with life,

But each day with thee

Gives me depths of meaning

In new, exciting feelings,

With each sunrise,

The horizon of my love is wider than before.

No, I could not love anyone ‑ anymore

For my whole entire being is in love with thee.

Shirl A. Steward
Written and copyright 5/3/84.