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PLEASE NOTE:  Toni's original site and art gallery at www.childrensillustrator.com is now permanently down.


Yes, her death in 2004 was a terrible shock and tragedy.  It is also a terrible tragedy that the above site IS down.  It never occurred to me that my friend would die and I'd need the password. 

Toni's sister, for whatever reasons, would not release the death certificate to anyone so we could get access to post a notice of her death. 

I could have paid to renew the site & domain name but it didn't make sense to do so without access especially since I was the one funding it financially.  I do have a mirror image of most of what had been there so will be posting all of her work here in her honor that I can find.   There are still some sites up that she created although not updated as the regular one had been.   I believe with all my heart that is what she would have wanted.                

~ Shirl A. Steward

Other old sites, pages, galleries & their fate

In searching for what remains of Toni's works on the internet, I found a lot of fragments here and there.  I know this was just the tip of the iceberg as far as what she had out there.  Many have already deleted their links to her or sites which have her work aren't coming up in searches.  They don't seem to realize that most artists get more attention and interest shown to their work after their death.  A sad state of affairs but true.


Fortune City website -  This website somehow survived when Toni created her Childrensillustrator one.  The fact that this site is still up may just be a lucky mishap or even a minor miracle.  Toni had transferred all her materials to the new site (now gone) but  the pages below (as indexed) are still online.   I will be making a mirror of all these pages which will be accessible here as well. 

Tripod & Geocities Sites (childrensillustrator.tripod.com/ http://www.geocities.com/ttonids/) - This site is still up but not accessible because it is linked to go directly to the site that does not exist any more so neither site comes up.  The Geocities one is just song lyrics all of which I have already put onto a separate page herein.

Internet Adventures in Art website - I just found this one!  It is just one image and  links to her discussion e-group on art.  Toni had a yahoo e-group by the same name at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/internetadventuresinart/   She must have forgotten about it since it still carries a link for her http://ttonids1.tripod.com  site.

Internet Adventures in Art Page



Entry page with art

First Wing on the Left Gallery

Medieval and Fantasy

Fine Arts

Pen & Ink Master

Cartoon Gallery

Pet Portraits Pet 2 (same content)

Frontier Days

The Making of the Blue Moon

2nd Blue Moon page 3rd (same content)

Raptors  Raptor 2 3 (all same content)

Works in progress

Published Projects

Greeting Cards by Toni

First Christmas Card by Toni

Stargazer's Lillies

Other Pages


Original site directory (some links valid, many not)

Intro page

Bryan's Jewelry Place

One of the News Pages1 (past news valid, current obviously not)

Original Photo Album (my new album for Toni has many more pics)

Ordering Info (do not use/dead links although there is a nice graphic by toni here)

E-Greeting Cards you can send (link to Sparkie stationary is wrong ... see below link under Cloudeight)

Contact (info no longer valid)

Art Links (page is stubborn so need to retry several times)




http://members.tripod.com/ttonids1 was one of the first sites Toni used.  It was a real pain because of all the pop-up advertisement but it was free and got her name out there in cyberspace.  LOL

http://members.tripod.com/ttonids1/http___i_am_tonidonelowstewart.htm (dead link)

http://members.tripod.com/ttonids1/id2.htm (dead link)

http://ttonids1.tripod.com/ (DEAD SITE)




Small but nice gallery of Toni works:  http://www.panormus.org/sitolocale/Galleria/Toni/TONI.HTM

Toni's Dolpins and Unicorns are on these site pages:  http://atwcreations.sphosting.com/dolphinposters3.html


What's Next American Flag & Heart Flag --http://www.artistregistry.com/September_11/Patriotic_American_Artists.html  http://www.artistregistry.com/September_11/WhatsNextAmerica.html


Toni's art made it to the U.K.!!   Check it out at  http://www.gallery-21.fsnet.co.uk/g21pages/intlshowpages/show7.html  shows her piece "Sometimes the moonlight is magic."    It's a very old reference since her site is show as http://i.am/tonidonelowstewart.com   Still it's cool!

http://www.artarchiv.net/doku/toni.htm  VERY nice site with a FLIPBOOK containing several images dones by Toni.

http://www.artwanted.com/artist.cfm?artid=2907 - Gallery images of Toni's "Bay of Pigs or Roast Pork" and "Daniel in the Lions' Den"

http://www.allinto.com/ArtistPort.asp?ArtistID=453054562 - Profile/bio page.  In case this site goes down, I have extracted the text from this page which was written by Toni herself and have been included on her Flipbook Gallery page I created here onsite.  


Cafe Press & Zazzle Imprinted Merchandise Sites:   I believe you can still buy things here with Toni's art on them.   Proceeds will go to her sons.

http://www.cafepress.com/ttonids - Toni's Cafe Press cyber store. 

http://www.cafepress.com/Toni (empty shoppe)

http://www.cafepress.com/WorksbyJeremy -  A few fun things done by her son Jeremy Jacob Stewart

http://www.cafepress.com/Bryans_Dragons -A few fun things done by her son Bryan Stewart

Toni's store on Zazzle:   Three pages of merchandise imprinted with Toni's great images! 

CloudEight Designs by Toni (click on one of the choices below to download her great stationary still available through CloudEight at www.Thundercloud.net)

Stationary . . . 
Panda n' Bunnies
You, me & the stars 
Mouse with heart balloon

Cards . . .
Panda n' Bunnies


http://www.fortunecity.com/victorian/holbein/1/- Site Toni named "Toni's Desktop Ink" 

http://www.arthbys.com/Toni.htm - Nice gallery of Toni's art still up.

http://dart.fine-art.com/userprofile.asp?i=15219 - Still up.  This is an art site that lists two of her paintings for sale . . ."Running from the Carousel" cutout and "Full paintingof Running from the Carousel NFS (original).  They are both offered for $2000.  Should be interesting to see what happens if someone offers to buy them!
http://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/t/ttonids/ - Still up .. . an artist portfolio listing four of toni's illustration pieces . . . "Pumpkinman", "Stargazer's Lillies", Sparkie the Dragon" and "Daniel in the Lion's Den."s


Please feel free to contact me regarding your illustration needs -- I am always available for commissions and would like to hear from you! I am inclined not to sell most of my existing originals, as I would like to maintain control over my rights -- however, dependent on the offer and the illustration, I will listen to what you have to say. Email is best at the moment, as I know I will get it! :o)

Toni Donelow Stewart

Note:  Consistent with the above statement and the wishes of her two sons, no originals will be sold from the original collection.  High quality prints, however, may be available at some point in the future.  All proceeds over costs and contributions will go to a fund for her sons' education.

http://resumes.yahoo.com/ttonids/tonileighstewart - this page is listed several places on the web but is invalid.  It was renamed by Toni to:

http://resumes.yahoo.com/ttonids/tonidonelowstewart Toni's resume that is still online. 

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Internetadventuresinart/- This is a yahoo group that Toni created.   No one is moderator anymore so the group is no longer active.    Anyone interested in reactivating this group under another name, please let me know.

http://ttonids1.nav.to  - Toni's first site address.  I found a note referencing it dates Oct 2000.  However, site no longer functioning.

http://profiles.yahoo.com/ttonids - Toni's yahoo unupdated profile

http://profiles.yahoo.com/childrensillustrator - Another unupdated profile


http://a.webring.com/hub?ring=artwavecreatives  http://p.webring.com/hub?ring=childrensbookson  http://s.webring.com/hub?ring=illustratorsonli   http://t.webring.com/hub?ring=artforsalecommis - Toni was a member of several web rings to increase her web presence.  The Web Rings she started herself include: Internet Adventures in ART, ARTWAVE Creatives Ring, Children's Books on the Web, and Illustrators ONLINE!   Strange how NONE of them list her even as a member any more.  I assume the automatic 'trimmer' cut her from the ring.   I, of course, will be relisting this site when I have this project completed. 

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Children's Books on the Web
Children's Books on the Web by ttonids
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What Toni wrote about her ring:  This ring is being designed with creatives in mind -- be it art, photography, or writing (did I cover it?), I anticipate that this ring will offer a great variety of work for Internet travelers to view! A positive spirit is encouraged in this ring! There may be artistic nudity on some of the sites; Otherwise, we're mostly G-rated.

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http://www.ozoneasylum.com/2823  -- still up, just a web presence with the old website link and no photos

http://www.artresources.com/guide/comp.ihtml?a=15398 - An old listing with old information








Toni's Sparkie

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