"Lovers Meet" by Shirl A. Steward


Until Tomorrow


Tomorrow, the last frontier,
the hopes of all that's yet to come?
So many die having
never fulfilled their dreams,
deferring all to the loftiness
of some uncertain future.
And, it is only those dwelling
in tomorrows and the dreams
left stagnating in yesterdays,
who will find death drooling,
luring at their doors to take them
to where dreams no longer exist.
Life and happiness is a choice
but it is only found in becoming
and exploring your dreams
to their fullest extent,
not in yesterday or tomorrow
but in the reality of NOW.
Ever present is today.
Wile it away but do it,
always and forever,
pursuing your dreams!
Presently spectacular . . .
are the accomplishments
conceived, executed
and delivered
all in the now . . .

Shirl A. Steward
Written and copyright 5/30/2006.